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SPTrader Stock Options Online Trading Software Download (Windows Desktop Version)

SP SYSTEM providesreal-time, stable anddiversified functions. The software is very convenient to use, and is perfectly compatible with Windows 7/8/10.
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SPTrader Stock Option App Download (Mobile & Tablet Version)

SPTrader Pro HD is a true native application, newly launched in 2016, which is faster and more stable, and with the new "Touch Trading" mode, you can operate faster and smoother on your smartphone or tablet. SPTrader Pro HD comtinues SPTrader's tradition of high quotes and trades, with real-time account profit and loss and real-time transaction information at a glance.
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SP Trading System Introduction:

Our online trading platform, SP Trader, provides real-time, stable and diversified functions; clients can trade via computer, smartphone or tablet PC for convenience and speed. SP trader supports trading in multiple currencies and futures options contracts on the world's major futures exchanges, and can include real-time market risk management;

SP trader trading platform advantages:

  1. Support desktop (Windows) version; mobile version including Android and IOS, and IPAD tablet platform.
  2. Flexible custom layout, integration of quotation, order placement, account data, etc.
  3. Free real-time market quotes (HKFE contracts)
  4. A variety of market performance mode, providing five-port price depth
  5. Option Master models, at a glance, option quotes and their theoretical values (e.g. Delta, Gamma, Theta and Vega)
  6. Professional charts with technical analysis
  7. One click ordering mode
  8. A variety of order types, such as limit orders, stop-loss orders, etc.


SP Trading System Domain Settings

OnlineSP Trading System Login Information




Your stock options account number  

Trading system default password

Please refer to the account opening welcome letter.

After logging in successfully, please change your password immediately in order to proceed to trading.


In order to ensure the security of the trading account, please pay attention to the following safety precautions:

  1. Please make sure to download the online trading software from our company official website.
  2. Please strengthen the protection of important information such as fund account, shareholder account,transaction password, etc. It is suggested not to set your password with too simple numbers and letters such as ID card number, phone number, birthday, name, etc. Passwords should be updated frequently. When entering the password, you must prevent others from peeping. Do not reveal your password to others.
  3. Please do not visit illegal websites or websites without security protection. Do not open unknown emails and install unverified software in order to prevent infection of Trojan horses or other viruses and passwords being stolen by malicious programs.
  4. Please install reliable anti-virus software and firewall software, and update the software version in time.Regularly check and remove Trojan horses and other viruses. Please use original software from well-known anti-virus and firewall software manufacturing companies.
  5. Please regularly upgrade or patch the computer operating system you are using. Customers using Windows and other versions can use the Windows Update function to upgrade, or follow the upgrade announcementof the operating system manufacturer.
  6. Two-factor Authentication(2FA) is in effect. You only need to register the device once (per device basis), and then you can use your personal password to log in to the trading system, expiry time is 180 days.

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